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First and foremost, I started with George when I was recovering from two surgeries, a broken meniscus around 7 months before, and an inguinal hernia around 2 months before. So my main target was to a) recover the general shape after 1 year almost stopped, b) strengthen the knee and the legs in general, and c) strengthen the whole core to try to avoid more issues in the inguinal area.

For my whole life, I had also suffered of a Kifosis for which also I was hoping to find help in correcting my general position, and although I have been a casual swimmer for a lot of years in the past, I always felt that I was always “about to start” taking care seriously of my body, but always, for one reason or another, I was always postponing it.

So, once the first step was made (come to visit you and made the initial check), I felt really excited with the idea that, finally, I would start following a controlled plan to start achieving the goals that I was waiting for. Although I had gone to different gyms for short periods of my life, I always felt bored after a time and, unfortunately, I ended up disconnecting from it and I stopped going. So in this case I felt that, having a controlled plan with a close follow up, I would be able to continue improving and motivated.

After 1 year, I can say that the changes are impressive in every sense. I have never felt so in a good shape as of now. My back is better than every, I feel it strong and stable. My shoulders, chest, abs, legs; all my body in general has changed dramatically. Paying special attention to my back. I stopped having muscular pains as I had in the past due to the Kifosis and the bad posture. My back is much more stable now. My general position is much more straight, without “hump”. My legs feel stronger, as well as my shoulders, chest, abs, and everything else.

Also regarding my general condition, I improved my times when swimming and my endurance in general. I have been able to participate in some open water competitions with a nice result, and I am starting to plan

For somebody thinking about start attending personal trainings with Georgios, I would say that, you have nothing to loose 🙂 And most probably, after the first session, you will really understand how good can he make for you. It´s not just that you are “force” to attend because you pay a session and he is waiting for you. It´s that you you will see the improvements after just 1 or 2 weeks, and feel that you are doing your trainings in the best possible way, with the follow up from an expert, who is really interested in your improvement and in the achievement of your personal goals.

For finishing, I wanted to really thank George for the attention, the effort, and the dedication in the last year, I have never been so close to where I want to be like now 🙂

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